Master of Arts with a Focus on Global Politics and International Relations.

University of Copenhagen, Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies (Engerom).

  • MA Thesis: “Order over Chaos: China as a Responsible Stakeholder in the 21st Century.”
2017 ♕ Certificate

UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC: Learn).

Certificate of Completion on Course of Human Health and Climate Change.


Danish Course.

Copenhagen Language Center (Københavns Sprogcenter).


Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honors) in Government and International Relations.

Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC).

  • BA Project: “Democratic Socialism and Workers’ Rights in Denmark: Key Characteristics of the Danish Labor Market.”
2014 ♔ Award

Prof. Xu Jialu Whole Person Education Award and Scholarship, UIC.

2013 ♕ Certificate

National Accreditation Examinations for Translators and Interpreters (NAETI), Certificate of English Interpretation: Level III.


Professional Conference Interpretation Training.

  • Transmax Interpretation Institute: International Interpretation Research Center (3-month-long course).
2012-2013 ♕ Certificate

Certificate of College English Test, Band 4 and 6.